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Updated: Feb 5

Welcome to the website for The Disclosure Paradox, a science fiction novel. The novel has been published. It was released 1 November, 2019 through Amazon. It is available in paperback and in the form of an e-book through Kindle.

On November 6, I was guest on UFO Undercover with Joe Montaldo. Once he posts the podcast, I will locate a link here. On November 25th I was a guest on Night Dreams Talk Radio with Gary Anderson. There is a podcast. My segment starts at 2:33 of the entire recording. My usually reliable I phone causes transmission break up after a half an hour, so Gary stops temporarily for a three minute break. One the second try, it lasts only fifteen minutes and Gary stops the interview. It was very frustrating. The lesson is that I will make use of Skype or Messenger for future interviews. On December 1st I participated on a 17-person panel on UFO News Network. It was an honor to chosen with distinguished authors and researchers on the phenomenon.

I am about to embark on a few new phases related to the writing. I have completed the conceptual outline to a prequel about Katrina. In February, I will start on a project to write a screenplay. While all that will be going on, I will establish a You tube channel to talk in detail about how I decided to write the novel.

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