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The Disclosure Paradox - The Prologue

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

When considering destiny, we typically recognize three belief systems. There are people who subscribe to the idea that, individually, their own actions determine the direction of their lives. On the other end of the spectrum, are the people who rely on a higher power for guidance. Borrowing from both beliefs, are people who behave as if they have the greatest impact on their own lives while dipping into the well of faith on occasions of personal difficulty. Generally, most people rely on the premise that their destiny is made through a sequence of key decisions.

Then there are the atypical: a very select number of individuals who have been granted a life’s mission, or perhaps a divine assignment that has put them on a pre-determined path. Those that have been designated or assigned a specific role in life do not realize it until it is revealed through an epiphany. Only after they realize the path taken, the critical forks in the road that led them to where they stand, do they begin to understand destiny itself. Until that moment they are like most people, thinking they are in control.

Belief in destiny and describing one’s life as a feather in the breeze, or a leaf floating in a stream is an oversimplification that takes away the thought of free will, illustrating people as having no power. As humans, we can still have influence. People can still have an impact on the lives of others. Think of the many relationships we have with family, friends, lovers, or co-workers. Consider the influence they have had on our lives. In many instances, other people have had a greater impact on our lives than we have had on our own.

Notably, a person’s belief system is strong enough to give birth to his or her destiny. Louis Silvani’s pathway towards his purpose was established early in his boyhood by his belief system. As a grown man he experienced critical events and met key people that sparked his spiritual awakening.

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