Discussion: Chapter 10: enlisting energy

“I can do that.” Katrina stopped visualizing. “Bobby, take notes.” Katrina proceeded to describe the facility and its systems. “It is actually two entirely different facilities. The human side has a small footprint while the reptilian side is bigger, mostly corridors. Both have seven levels. The human side is of concrete. The ET side is excavated, like a rabbit warren. There are no straight lines inside. There are no human type stairs because their feet are too large. They use ramped tunnels which are too steep for humans. The reptilian lab is on the sixth level down on the north end. The team should enter a hatch closest to the reptilian side and go down to the lab. Once the fire alarms are activated or disarmed, airlocks separating the two facilities will open and stay open. Find the airlock on the sixth level to get to the lab. The lab rooms are arranged around the core which supplies power, communications, water, and ventilation. The human side is powered by one reactor located on the side closest to the river on the seventh level which is at water level. The reptilians use Tesla technology with rods driven into the earth. They don’t use the wiring systems for power distribution; they use electromagnetic wireless power which is not as vulnerable as conventional distribution systems. I am not going to work on the reactor. It’s too risky. If there is a leak, your team will be poisoned. Voltage is supplied by a transformer. There is an uninterrupted power supply with 3 backup generators. All power production is on the seventh level down. Since it is a sealed facility, its air is supplied through camouflaged vents and fans. A power failure will stop air intake. The facility has a sprinkler system throughout. There are two fire pumps and a huge water tank just underground for fire suppression. I think it holds between 80,000 and 100,000 gallons.”

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