Discussion: Chapter 12: unquiet desperation

The airman continued in a drug-induced monotone voice. “I am assigned to test radar equipment here. We boarded a bus at Nellis and we were dropped off here. The bus had the windows blackened so we couldn’t tell where we were going. It was about a two-hour ride and we were not allowed to talk to anyone in the bus. The people that monitored us seem to take pleasure in threatening us. The blond man there was one of the guards on the bus. Once the bus stopped, they blindfolded us and took us to our job sites. There, they took the blindfold off and we checked the radar equipment while they monitored flying machines that have speed and maneuverability far beyond the capabilities of our best fighters. When our job was done for the day, they separated us. Each of us was blindfolded again. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the radar specialists. I got led into this underground building and they tortured me. I don’t know what they were going to do with me next.”

“I can assure that’s not our Air Force doing this. These guys are working for contractors. They are the worst kind of mercenaries,” explained Robert.

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