Discussion: Chapter 13: friendly darkness

The exterior electric shop vehicles, which were diverted away from the substation, were positioned so the lights above the cab shone onto the shed. As they walked to inspect the building for damage, they smelled burning metal. One of the NCOs went back to the truck to retrieve an extinguisher and called the shop to report what they had found. Since there were no visible flames, there was no need for a fire unit. Another sergeant took out his ring of keys, and upon finding the right one, unlocked it. The smell was stronger, but there was no evident source of heat in the shed. Nor was there was a sign of an explosion or arcing. Opening the transformer cover, they were astonished to see the buss bars had melted and deformed. Nothing they were aware of, with all their training, would have caused that. The entire transformer would have to be replaced. In the meantime, a portable generator from the supply yard would have to be towed in and installed up the line. Eventually, it would be connected to the transformer to restore power to the lights and the ECP. There wasn’t much else they would be able to do at the shed tonight. Before leaving, they called the shop to relay their findings and recommend a genset for temporary power until a replacement transformer could be procured.

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