Discussion: Chapter 14: lonely emissary

All of the sketches were on engineering paper. The sketches were technical in nature with symbols and graphics that were unlike anything seen originating on Earth. Out of the thirteen sheets, five depicted star charts and planetary systems beyond the Solar System. Trevor explained the diagrams would only have value for inter-galactic travelers and some of the information is classified by The Council, so he would not be able to go into detail.

“The views of the stars and planets I drew are not from the Earth’s perspective. The sketches with the markings show arrays that are assigned to a specific sector. There are stargates placed in various and strategic places as well. There is one that is close to our own sun and one between Saturn and Jupiter. The symbols I drew here are key codes and combinations used to activate the stargates that would take someone various sectors, dimensions, and universes.”

Tara selected a detailed sketch of an array of twelve planets and moons around a star. “Which star is this?” asked Tara.

“That star is in the Hydrus Constellation. It is documented by astronomers as HD 10180,” Trevor replied casually.

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