Discussion: Chapter 3: facts and deception

Louis determined that one of the most extraordinary events related to UFO contact in modern history took place in Antarctica in late February through early March of 1947. Operation Paperclip was the code name for the systematic process where the Soviet Union and the United States took custody of top-secret Nazi weapons technology. Its objective was to gain information on rocket propulsion and guidance systems. Much was learned about Operation Paperclip through KGB files released after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

After World War II, interviews with the German scientists and engineers who had worked for the Third Reich, combined with confiscated documents, led U.S. intelligence organizations to postulate the Nazis had established a secret naval base in Antarctica. Adding to the suspicion, Hitler’s Navy Commander, Grand Admiral Donitz, was quoted in 1943 saying, “the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress”. Louis, along with other researchers and authors believed this particular quote combined with information from Operation Paperclip, was the real reason the Navy organized a task force of fifteen ships designated ‘Operation Highjump’ to investigate Queen Maud Land, south of Africa.

Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen commanded the flotilla. Admiral Richard E. Byrd Jr led the reconnaissance mission. As with any incident involving sensitive information, there were sanctioned, official descriptions of the operation, and there were other descriptions that researchers including former Soviet officials insisted to be closer to the truth.

Articles and documentaries described it as an operation to map out the coastline of the continent. According to the official records, the task force separated into five smaller groups: the western group, the central group, the eastern group, the carrier group, and the base group. Admiral Byrd headed the carrier group.

Researchers suspecting censorship, believe that a quote by Admiral Byrd, in the Mercurio, a Chilean newspaper, provided a hint of what may have happened during the expedition: “in the case of a new war, the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly pole to pole at incredible speeds.” Non-conformists pointed out this quote referred to an attack on the flotilla by high-speed aircraft. Accounts of damaged ships were just as suspect, discrediting researchers claiming suppression of truth. For example, conspiracy theorist sites and articles parrot that a destroyer named the Murdoch was sunk and the aircraft carrier Casablanca sustained heavy damage. Official Navy records indicate, however, that the Casablanca was decommissioned a few years before Operation Highjump, and that the Navy never had a destroyer named ‘Murdoch’ in its inventory.

There was no basis for Silvani to support the conspiracy theory with over four-thousand sailors taking part in the operation. If the ‘official’ account was a lie, Silvani figured it could not have been concealed from eventual exposure. In addition, there was an alleged transcript of Admiral Byrd’s ‘secret diary’ where there was an account of a reconnaissance mission over the land mass. In it, a narrative described engine performance, instrument readings and episodes of turbulence followed by a detailed series of entries about the discovery of a verdant valley and a hidden civilization.

The diary continued to describe a forced landing and meeting a ‘master’ of the newly discovered society. Entries in the ‘secret diary’ referred to a conversation with the one called the ‘master’. Louis discovered through various sources the dialogue had language appearing suspiciously similar to excerpts from a book by Byrd, written in 1928 called ‘Skyward’. A passage from his log recorded engine performance and related occurrences during a flight over the Arctic. In addition, the supposed conversation between Byrd and the ‘master’ appears straight out of a scene from the 1937 motion picture, ‘Lost Horizon’. The movie places the main character, Robert Conway in a meeting with the mysterious High Lama.

The High Lama told Conway in a meeting: “You, my son, will live through the storm. You will preserve the fragrance of our history and add to it a touch of your own mind. Beyond that, my vision weakens … but I see in the great distance a new world starting in the ruins … But in hopefulness, seeking it’s lost and legendary treasures, and they will all be here, my son, hidden behind the mountains under the blue moon, preserved as if by a miracle…

The ‘secret diary’ read: “Yes, my son, the dark ages that will come for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that I cannot say. We see a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here my son, safe in our keeping…

To Louis, there was enough evidence to present the ‘secret diary’ of Admiral Byrd a hoax, but it did not disprove the theory Antarctica was home to a technologically advanced people. There was evidence to support his theory. First, there were the satellite images in Google Earth of two unusual openings:

Opening 1 is 66 deg. 36 min. 12.54 sec. south and 99 deg. 43 min. 12.37 sec. east.

Opening 2. is 66 deg. 33 min. 11.62 sec south and 99 deg. 50 min. 22.07 sec east.

Opening 1 actually displays what appears to be a retractable metallic cover. Both openings are wide enough to fit a large passenger jet.

Louis did not only rely on the satellite images. He had numerous face-to-face conversations with a retired cryptologist who worked at the National Security Agency (NSA) about the UFO phenomena. One evening, at an event hosted by the Society of American Military Engineers, Louis asked about Antarctica.

“I’ve been doing research on Antarctica and Admiral Byrd. Did you know there are images that show odd openings in the earth that appear to be unnatural formations? One even appears to have a metallic dome-like cover,” claimed Louis.

“I am not surprised. Nothing surprises me,” said the retiree, matter-of-factly.

“So, you are aware of activity in Antarctica?” inquired Louis.

“Yes,” the former cryptologist replied.

Louis was not satisfied with that answer without an explanation. “Did you happen to see any message traffic concerning Antarctica?”

“I saw messages that indicated we had operations there in response to reports of anomalous activity,” responded the retiree with a slow nod and a wink.

Louis sensed the retired cryptologist was not comfortable in more detailed discussion. To Louis, the information from the retired NSA cryptologist was strong enough evidence to help support his theory of inter-terrestrials living in Antarctica.

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