Discussion: Chapter 5: back to that same ol' place

Louis often experienced lucid dreams. One recurring theme was levitation. He also had dreams that made him wonder about the mind. In one dream he recalled being surrounded by people speaking Chinese. Amazingly, he understood what people were saying. It made him wonder if there might be data in our brains only accessible in a subconscious state. He wondered if humans had more knowledge than exhibited. Sleep usually came easily, without the need for chemicals. He trained himself to fall asleep at will in the service, participating in week-long exercises that would require continuous hours without it. This night would be no different and Louis had another unique dream. He envisioned being in the clouds above Earth. Looking down, the clouds dispersed and he made out the image of a large medieval fortress built in the form of two equal squares on center, transposed forty-five degrees. The fortress was surrounded by a large grassy field. In the background he heard a chant similar to that of a Tibetan monk he had recorded for meditation years ago. As gradually as it had appeared, the fortress faded and disappeared ending the dream.

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