Discussion: Chapter 7: intuition

“There are things happening to me, Mary Ellen: things that are quite unusual, escaping my understanding. Saturday, in Pennsylvania, as I meditated, I had a thrilling experience like I went through a wormhole. It was …amazing!”

“You experienced an out-of-body event where your spirit left and you had consciousness of its travel. There are people who have meditated for years and have never been able to get to that level. The Watchers informed me they would give you tests as you progressed on your spiritual journey. I am certain that your out-of-body experience was such a test.”

“Oh, so now this is a spiritual journey?” Louis began to understand what was going on.

“Everyone is on some kind of spiritual journey, Mr. Silvani. Some are just along for the ride, while others are more participatory. You have always had some sort of awareness of this aspect of yourself, only now, it is a bigger part of your life.”

“There was another event. Saturday night I dreamt of a crop circle in England with the chants of what sounded like a Tibetan Monk in the background. The next morning, going through social media I discovered that exact image posted by a woman who had sent me a friend request the previous night.” Louis was fishing for more answers.

“That is synchronicity. It is your spirit telling you that you are on the right path.”

“That’s it? There’s no other significant meaning?”

“That’s it. Just stay the course.”

“Stay the course.” Louis shook his head, recalling that phrase being a repeated response by George Herbert Walker Bush during a presidential debate versus Michael Dukakis in 1988. “Can you offer any more information about your plan?”

“As I mentioned, the information you are seeking will gradually be revealed to both of us as we continue the trip.” Mary Ellen did not want to show Louis that she too, had many questions and persistently wondered what lay ahead. She reclined her seat back and closed her eyes. She was able to take a decent nap, waking after a couple of hours. They were approaching Saint Louis and dinner time.

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