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What Doesn't Kill Her - Characters

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Katrina Hermann - Katrina has the ability to recognize and manipulate energy. She is prized as subject of experimentation, alive or dead.

Edwin Juno Hermann, Commander, USN, retired - Katrina's father is the reason she has the ability.

James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy - Mr. Forrestal was instrumental in Edwin's professional development and promotions.

Sonny Lyle - Sonny is a former C-130 pilot with ties to the CIA. He operates a martial arts school.

Doctor Eric Garson - Garson is a family practice physician with ties to the CIA.

Doctor Donald Richards - Richards is a psychiatrist with ties to the CIA.

Doctor Eli Loom - Loom researches bio-electro-magnetics and has ties to the CIA.

DD - DD is a CIA assassin with psychic abilities.

Doctor Terry Sweet - Sweet is a physics professor with ties to the CIA.

Kyle Upshaw, Major, USAF - The major is a U2 pilot.

Carrie Upshaw - Mrs. Upshaw

Leland from the DOE - 'Leland' is a recruiter for the DOE.

Doctor Lauren Beauchard - Beauchard heads a business to assist finding missing people.

Iqbal Ali - Ali is a trained terrorist with interests in the psychic ability that Katrina has.

Tawfik Elahi - Elahi is a wealthy oil sheik with interests in bio-electro-magnetics.

Mary Ellen Velarde - Velarde, introduced in the first novel, is a Jicarilla Apache living in Dulce, New Mexico.

Robert Ladd - Ladd, also introduced in the first novel, is a veteran from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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