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Reviews for The Disclosure Paradox

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

"I couldn’t put it down!!..Vecchiet, takes us on a quest to find answers to so many questions about UFO and ET conspiracies. And in the process he show us that we all have gifts within us that we don’t even know exist. The book left me wanting to know more. Not just about ET’s but also about what’s our purpose here on earth, and how we connect with life in the cosmos." 24 JUL 2021

"I enjoyed following the thought process and riding along the adventure with the characters as they find their own truths. Paul is a writer we should be paying attention to." 19 JUN 2021

"Very well written, not overly wordy and was clear and concise on the message. Put some pieces of my personal puzzle together. Thank you." 13 JUN 2021

"This book brings to life an entertaining adventure and look in a world that will provide insight into what others are doing around you. Things are not always what they seem to be." 11 MAY 2021

"This book is a journey from page 1 to the "end". If you consider yourself a spiritual person with an eye towards the heavens, this book is for you." 29 APR 2021

"The Disclosure Paradox by first-time author Paul G. Vecchiet is a science fiction novel that dives into multiple genres. You’ll find action, spirituality, and societal issues. It’s written to provoke and stimulate conversations, unlike other sci-fi novels. The focus of the book is to bring together people that believe in science and those that are deeply religious.

Louis Silvani is an older man, set in his beliefs. He’s a dedicated ET blogger and UFO lecturer. He’s determined to convince his listeners and followers that aliens exist. Unfortunately, his presentation did not go as planned. His world is further turned upside down when he meets Mary Ellen Velarde. She’s a Jicarilla Apache who seems to know everything about Louis. From here, Louis’s heart-pounding adventure starts.

“Breathe in deeply.” Mary Ellen inhaled deeply, held it in and then exhaled slowly with lips partially closed, showing Louis. Louis followed her instructions and did exactly as she did. They repeated the exercise a few more times. Louis regained his composure. “They don’t want me to continue with my work. They threatened to kill my family if I did not heed their warning. They did not speak, but I heard what they told me. They knew what I was thinking, and they used it to terrorize me.”

On their adventure, they meet friends and enemies. Some have astonishing abilities. They’ll face physical and spiritual challenges as they work towards their goal. Louis learns that a group of women is searching for their stolen babies. He also learns the Mary Ellen is one of the infants stolen from her mother’s womb. The children are part of the various parties’ struggle to help mankind reach its true destiny. How they are helping is not always for mankind’s benefit.

The characters have depth and are believably drawn-out. Anyone that picks up the book will find a resemblance to someone they know. The book accurately reflects all of mankind’s faces, including the uglier sides. Religious enthusiasts and UFO buffs will both find echoes of their respective beliefs and ideologies accurately represented. The goal of the book is to bring both sides together, not belittle one or the other.

You’ll think about your existence and what it means. The Disclosure Paradox is a thought-provoking novel. It questions what society considers as conventional. It also opens up conversations about controversial subjects. For his first novel, Paul G. Vecchiet has written a story everyone will talk about.

With his ground-breaking first sci-fi novel where science and spirituality collide, readers will be eagerly awaiting his next book." 14 APR 2021

"The Disclosure Paradox simply took over as soon as I started reading it. The plot is full of suspense! The book deals with real life issues such as spirituality and your own beliefs as well as science and factual information. The story gives you definitely plenty to think about while enjoying the characters and the suspense!" 18 FEB 2021

"The first thing that stood out was the prologue which talked about destiny and the philosophy of it, how people believe that they are in control based on their belief that they are in control. Some books talk mostly about spirituality and some talk mostly about science. This book attempts to do both and dives into controversial issues. Readers who like to be thought provoked might enjoy this book."

18 FEB 2021

"Great detail, interesting characters, action packed and thought provoking." 14 FEB 2021

"Really takes the reader into the story. Excellently written. Would recommend 10/10." 6 FEB 2021

"First time reading a book by Paul Vecchiet and I must say I am a fan of his now. With well developed characters this book took me on a journey of science - which is my favorite subject. Highly recommend this book!" 5 FEB 2021

"This is a great book. It covers issues that people most feel strongly about, such as: religion, politics and perspectives regarding the unknown and supernatural. It considers these topics carefully and gives reader much to think about. It's well-written and intriguing." 5 FEB 2021

"This is a most enjoyable read, touching on matters of huge questions in science and religion, including UFOs, organized Christianity and their relationship. Also addressed are the place of the military, the phenomena of synchronicity and ultimate motives by beings. I had a hard time putting it down. Although fictitious, the book is based on real events and experiences. Some of the historical events mentioned are factually correct. Many of the places and events mentioned in the book resonated personally with me; I'm inclined to believe it was more synchronicity than just coincidence. The author is also working on a prequel to the book, but enjoy this one now." 5 FEB 2021

"This book uses a unique combination of detailed scientific and military styled writing, storytelling and internal dialogue to walk you step by step into the concept of an alternative existence. I love the way that the author wraps up complex ideologies into experiences that challenge the core of spirituality, religion and purpose. The interactions between characters have a real life flow and make it feel like you are reading a personal account rather than a fictional story.

It manages to leave you feeling that the book is completed but seems to beg the question “what will you now with this new information?”" 3 FEB 2021

"Great read. Absolutely awed by the set-up, the flow and the use of different writing and stylistic features." 22 JAN 2021

"This book offers an intriguing view of the intersection of science and spirituality. The rich, well-developed characters are based on real people, which added a whole extra level of dimension for me. It delves into controversial issues ranging from traditional religion, paramilitary and special forces to life on other planets and UFO phenomena. The ideas are cleverly blended into a sort of alternative where they can be viewed from a unique new perspective in a way that merges those who base their belief on science and those who rely on science. A very creative, thought-provoking read."

21 JAN 2021

"The author was creative with the plot and knows how to capture the reader’s attention with the narration. I love how detailed everything in the book was; be it characters or events. Paul Vecchiet is great with vivid description, giving the reader and easy time when having a mental picture of the action. Some of the major themes in the book were the existence of UFOs, religion, science, friendships and special forces. The character that stood out for me the most was Mary Ellen Velarde." 21 JAN 2021

"The Disclosure Paradox crosses over multiple genres with action, spirituality, social voice, and relatable characters who mirror the diversity in this world. As a author, Paul Vecchiet touched all aspects of this book. The book brings controversial issues to light, which it is hoped will provoke serious discussion and questioning of convention. The intent is to bring together those who have set religious beliefs and those who rely exclusively on science for guidance. Most of all, after reading the book, it is hoped that people are moved to partake in a spiritual revolution. This book was interesting from the beginning to the end. This book addresses the place where science and spirituality converge. The book will appeal to those who believe in, or question, traditional religious teachings, people with military interests or experience, people that believe in life on other planets, people who believe those in power have ulterior motives, and those who are spiritually awakened. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading. Paul Vecchiet as a author I would like to applaud you for writing this terrific book." 17 JAN 2021

"I'm a skeptic when it comes to aliens living on earth, so I wrestled with the veracity of this semi-autobiographical work. But If you believe in aliens and their possible presence amongst us, then you might find this an interesting read." 21 DEC 2020

"A mesmerizing tale about the true nature of UFOs and the secret forces that rule our world and indeed, the entire universe. A familiar science fiction trope gets a refreshing take in this debut novel and lots of insight into the people who study things like alien abduction, psychic powers and the forces that shape reality. Good characterization, crisp prose and a fast pace make this a real page-turner. Don't miss." 1 DEC 2020

"The Disclosure Paradox by Paul Vecchiet Is a book I couldn’t put down. He introduced his characters in a manner in which they became my friends and cared about their journey. His attention to detail is amazing while telling a story that could be true. I can’t wait for his second book." 25 NOV 2020

"Interesting first novel by someone who might know too much about the subject....

Turns what could be just an ordinary band of misfit UFO enthusiasts gathering to enjoy each others company and talk about their favorite hobby no one else believes in into... ...into an action-packed, nearly out-of-control adventure, deep, deep into the bowels of just what are THEY hiding.

A very entertaining SF read. If you're a fan of heady, contemplative, yet cinematic SF writing, you'll enjoy this book." 27 JUL 2020

"I found this book to be well written, and although fictionalized, it revealed a new world of possibilities that I hadn’t previously considered." 13 JUL 2020

"I loved Paul Vecchiet's book The Disclosure Paradox! This book covers a lot of ground in the scientific, military involvement, the supernatural, the spiritual, UFOs and other experiences. I enjoyed the story line but it read to me as a true story. I highly recommend this book for seekers in this age of dis-information and the current strange turn of world events." 17 APR 2020

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Very exciting plot that makes it hard to put the book down, with well developed characters, great action sequences, and scene descriptions that pull you into the story. You can tell the author is very experienced with architectural and military details that bring the story to life and makes the events more realistic and accurate to what really could happen under certain circumstances, and how people would react to those events. What I enjoyed the most was how it made me think about how we live and interact, and how far we have to go to collectively become a more wise and peaceful race. Highly recommend picking this up and I'm looking forward to his next book!" 15 APR 2020

"The Disclosure Paradox Kindle Edition by Paul Vecchiet, I awarded five stars, and here’s why. First the book began as an ongoing research or human journey project. Perhaps triggered by an experience or an encounter with our perceived unknown view of existence. Ho-hum, much of the stuff I knew or have somewhat forgot, so I remembered. But, a close kindred to my own quest that began perhaps over four decades ago. Then, I saw a story peeking through. I became more interested, and the story unfolded from there. There is a strong message here for readers with an apparent urgency to find the answer. Answer to what? Well that is personal with each individual, and you will have to read The Disclosure Paradox, to discover for yourself. I highly recommend the book." 1 APR 2020

"Mr. Vecchiet is a fine writer, he has proven he's mature and outstanding. I believe he has experienced what he records in his book, it goes beyond the natural. The supernatural is all around us, he has shown us a reality that is not available to many. I wish him great success with all his work, as for me I want to see him publish more books. Thank you!" 27 MAR 2020

"This book takes a very creative approach at merging several seemingly disparate issues into an integrative alternative reality. Readers will find many ideas that they're familiar with, including religion, paramilitary and special forces, and UFO phenomena interwoven and explained from a different perspective. If you enjoy stories like "Wicked" or "Marley", which tell us a totally different version of what was actually happening in a familiar story, then you'll love this book.

Most of the characters are well developed and some actually quite multidimensional and engaging. The story flows well, and gets the reader rather engaged with the action.

Many other readers have commented that the last chapter was their favorite. It wasn't for me, as it basically was a "Deus-ex-Machina" device used of necessity to tie many of the important story lines together in a cohesive summation. It was, as I said, necessary and important. The paradox actually makes sense if you accept the thought provoking premise of the story.

If you're uncomfortable with having your Judeo-Christian faith challenged, don't read the book. But as a devout born-again Christian, I am glad I did read it, even though many things I hold dear were questioned in a manner reminiscent of the first century Gnostics. And I'm not saying this with any intent of denigrating the book. Quite the contrary. It's an innovative and creative effort that is both enjoyable and thought provoking." 21 MAR 2020

"You don't have to believe in UFO's to appreciate this book. It is well written, suspenseful and it will open your mind to a new reality. Mixes science and spirituality in a special way. We have to evolve beyond our divisions and aggressiveness if we want to join the galactic community." 4 MAR 2020

"This is an amazing book. The plot leads you on a journey through time, space and across America! I recommend this book to everyone. I read the book in 4 days because I could not put it down. It is a great book. Enjoy!" 3 MAR 2020

"I think Vecchiet’s book Disclosure Paradox is an emotional book about the coming together of a group of friends who unite to find answers to the nightmares of their friends. Some who even had babies taken from them when they were still in their mother’s womb. I was intrigued with the women in the story who did have their babies taken from them in the night. I can relate to that because someone I knew had it happen to her. She went to bed pregnant one night and woke up in the morning not pregnant (with pictures of her pregnant on her dresser). It happens and Paul Vecchiet does justice in his book as they search for answers and missing babies now grown, that their mothers never got to hold. Children now grown that were removed from their wombs by extra-terrestrials." 17 FEB 2020

"I'm so glad I didn't have anything pressing to do, because once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. It's characters are very relatable. I'm waiting for a sequel!!" 30 JAN 2020

"If you want a different twist on anything you've ever read about extraterrestrials this is the book for you.

Many years ago, Jimmy Carter said he'd release everything the government had on UFO's if he was elected President of the United States. If you want a glimpse, a reason, or any insight as to why Carter ultimately refused citing 'defense implications', you should probably read this book. Ultimately, Mr. Vecchiet exposes an irony about the human condition, a fallacy if you will, about the greatest threat we face, ourselves." 30 JAN 2020

"The Disclosure Paradox is an extremely gripping book. It truly captures your attention from beginning, chapter after chapter. I was , as surely you will be, yearning to find out what will happen next. The action , written as a journey, builds with every page! The characters are so well developed, to the point that you can picture each of them , not only individually, but also as they progress on the journey. Even for someone, like myself, who is not really into science fiction, The Disclosure Paradox is fascinating and very thought provoking! Paul Vecchiet truly wrote an amazing book. I hope that there will be a new one to follow soon! To conclude , I highly recommend this book to anyone into Science Fiction , Spirits, etc! Enjoy!"

15 JAN 2020

"Knowing that the fictional characters were based on real people and hearing about some of these people in the distant past was exciting to me. This book keeps your interest throughout and I was in tears at the end. The old saying of "Truth is stranger than fiction"...definitely applies. I learned quite a few things that were more truth than fiction. I would love to read more from this author. This story definitely lends itself to a series. I want to know more about the characters." 13 DEC 2019

"Premise is very intriguing, joining conspiracy theories and science fiction with spiritual beliefs on multiple levels. Even though the story follows Louis as the main character, you still learn a good deal about the other characters as the story progressed. Would like to see the story continue for Louis, and Mary Ellen’s characters and well as the colonel." 7 DEC 2019

"Couldn't put it down. References to religion very thought provoking. The characters come to life as you read. Highly recommend!" 2 DEC 2019

"Awesome tale by a an awesome friend. Thank you Paul. Had to read the whole book in one sitting. Talk to you later." 27 NOV 2019

"Mr. Vecchiet’s characters are written with passion and emotion ... his story draws you in right from the start! It’s a great tale of a man whose desire to find truths brings him from a quiet existence into heroism ... I sure can’t wait to read what he writes next!" 24 NOV 2019

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